Feel like you need to keep up on things that are happening across the world, or want to find ways to take action?


If you’re willing to look into bills, the AK legislature site provides a breakdown of what is being talked about in legislative session.

The Agenda

The Agenda is a weekly breakdown of what Nat Herz (who has skiid the buckwheat 50km at least twice that I know of) and ADN have been reporting for the legislative session. It’s a good break down of what happened in the past week and what to look forward to.


An Anchorage-based activist who’s making it their job to be and stay informed on matters that are important to the state and how you can act locally. Join their mailing list for regular updates.


WTF Just Happened

Warning: this website has a swear word!

A daily list of things that happened nationally. Super useful for quick updates on the state of things.

Daily Action

After you sign up, Daily Action sends you a thing to call your representatives about every day. If you call their number they will give you a quick update on the topic of the day and why it’s important. Than they’ll route you to our Senator’s offices. This take 5 minutes to do and your voice and opinion gets heard!

Wall Of Us

A weekly newsletter giving you four actions and instructions to act on during the week. This includes instructions on how to act out a boycott, who to visit and put pressure on, and instructions on calling representatives.

If you ever find any of this information to be out of date, or want to add anything, contact us: hi@take-action-alaska.org.